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Steinway-Grand-Pianos have always been the main stay of Red Bird LLC. Our PPO Steinway Selection Showroom hosts one of the largest selection of Steinway-Concert-Quality-Concert-Ready-Grand Pianos in the US. We ARE the "Steinway Specialists"

The Red Bird Concert Selection Center serves Educational Institutions, Music Professors, Houses of Worship, Concert Artists and clients with discriminating tastes. In addition to our selection of PPO* Steinway-Grand-Pianos, we have access to a diverse selection of high quality acoustic and digital pianos. Our worldwide network of retail piano dealers and manufacturers allow us to secure, with some restrictions, the following brand new and PPO pianos: Fazioli-Kawai-Shigeru Kawai-Yamaha-Bosendorfer-C. Bechstein-Seiler-Mason and Hamlin-Grotrian and others. We have researched and tested all of these brands. We know which models can withstand the rigors of institutional use or the discerning taste of a fine pianist.


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Where concert instruments are chosen for prestigious venues throughout the United States

Concert Touch

Concert Tone

Concert Dynamic Range

Extensive Concert Selection

The Concert Pianos Selection Center Difference! When you sit down at one of our pianos, you notice an evenness and a refined tone that few have experienced. As your fingers glide over the keys you remark about the ability to control each and every note. You ask why do the Steinway, Baldwin, Shigeru and C. Bechstein pianos sound so much better than others you have played?

The difference is our attention to the refinement of our grand pianos. The hours our Master Technicians spend refining each grand sets our instruments apart from all others. We specialize in the finest concert quality instruments. We take the time to refine each and every grand at our selection center.

Where else can you spend the day in private playing some of the finest Steinways and other high quality pianos? Each client has an entire day of personal time with one of our selection specialists to hand pick the right piano.

Our Client list hails great venues from institutions of distinction across the country. If you desire a large and uncompromising selection of premium pre-owned and late model Steinway, Baldwin or other fine concert instruments then you deserve to schedule a day at the Concert Pianos Selection Room.

Schedule your visit to our showroom and find the piano of your dreams!

High Quality Concert and Semi Concert Grands
Shigeru Kawai
Late Model Steinways
C. Bechstein
Custom NYC Rebuilt Steinways
Mason and Hamlin
Concert Rebuilding Services
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